video review : All In The Family : Archie And The KKK

video review : All In The Family : Archie And The KKK

“We’re not gonna be driven out of our house screaming in terror,” Michael Stivic insists in response to a threat from The Ku Klux Klan. “What are we gonna do,” his wife asks in a state of panic. “We’re gonna leave quietly,” he says. It’s the funniest bit of the episode; a two-parter that doesn’t start to get good until the second half.

The drama begins when Archie inadvertently becomes a KKK member after he’s overheard at the bar condemning the social unrest happening; black people rioting and such; in the neighborhood. He may be racist but regrets being duped into joining, especially when he catches wind of their plan to burn a cross in front of his family’s house.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : Didn’t Mean To Kill A Man ( song ) … Max B

I’m guessing “the icy man” is the man who drove the ice cream truck. Max B says his mom wouldn’t give him money to buy some as a kid because “she’d rather go see the dealer”. It seems he’s suggesting her drug addiction set him on the wrong path. These vocals were recorded not in a posh studio but a prison as he serves what was initially a life sentence for killing a man.

That makes the title, which would be better if it included the word “I”, and concept a bit of a surprise, though the alleged crime is only mentioned in a hook that further establishes the rapper slash singer as the best in the game. The beat, led by a poignant piano loop, is also a banger. My only major complaint is that it doesn’t continue to play after the final chorus section.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Charly ( EP ) ... Max B