audio review : Black Woman ( song ) … Jungle Brothers

This is a homage to black women. The Brothers seem to think that particular group of people should be not only admired but worshipped. “You started out just a little girl, given the power to change the world,” one verse goes, “And though some of your ways to man are odd, you are the proof that there is a God.”

Such claims are absurd, of course. Some black women deserve praise. Others deserve a punch in the face. In either case, I don’t see what race or, for that matter, gender have to do with it. This is a nice song though, mainly because of the tribal beat, which is led by a Commodores Assembly Line sample.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Done By The Forces Of Nature ( album ) ... Jungle Brothers

audio review : Outrageous ( song ) … Paul Simon

The best parts of this quasi-rhapsody come near the end when the chorus question is finally answered. “Who’s gonna love you when your looks are gone,” it goes, “God will like he waters the flowers on your window sill.”

Paul Simon also compares using that same rain water to wash your face a “blessing”, which I guess makes this a fitting choice for the Christian rock genre. It sounds more like a gritty Bob Dylan song during the verses though.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : Surprise ( album ) ... Paul Simon

audio review : Lianne La Havas ( album ) … Lianne La Havas

audio review : Lianne La Havas ( album ) ... Lianne La Havas

Bittersweet, one of the best songs on this album, would’ve made the most fitting title for it, but any of these song titles would’ve been better than Lianne La Havas. That it’s confusing as to whether I’m referring to the artist or the album is a testament to why self-titled projects are almost always an awful idea, especially when it’s not even a debut.

This is her third full-length set and she’s still singing mostly about “love” to 1970s-style soul grooves. Those funky/lush soundscapes remain the best thing about her music. The singing; not her voice, which is husky yet soothing, but her melodies; is usually trailing behind. Read My Mind is a joy to listen to though, along with Paper Thin and Green Papaya.

my rating : 3 of 5