video : a Bible Lessons brochure I got from a Jehovah’s Witness


Ars Psychologia :

Please don’t go to a watered down pamphlet that’s barely even Christian anymore to get Christian teachings. I would recommend an Orthodox study Bible or some of the teachings of the Church Fathers, or just talk to an Orthodox priest in your area. They’ve been doing apologetics for over 2000 years, if you want to really try to prove Christianity wrong you need to see what the arguments of the experts on the subject are.

Gabe Sternberg :

Hey man. Thanks for the video. You’re asking the right questions. If we don’t use our brains, we are susceptible to anyone’s bs. I’ma cut to the chase tho, cuz comments shouldn’t be too long. There are answers to your questions. Thing is, there’s a lot of crazy things that also happen to be true. Here’s a little food for thought. Everybody who knew Jesus was convinced he rose from the dead, even his brothers, (who didn’t initially like him) believed. A lot of these guys were told to renounce their beliefs or die, and they chose to die. I think that should give us pause. I don’t wanna throw anybody under the bus, but the JWs prob won’t be of too much help here. Try an LCMS pastor. Also look up Josephus. Keep asking questions!

A3Kr0n :

God is going to reduce your Eternal Utopia by a day if you didn’t give the JW a donation.

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