One For The Road ( story ) … Stephen King

The title refers to the flask of brandy a man named Booth brings along as he, his friend Tookey and a stranger named Lumley venture out into a winter blizzard to rescue Lumley’s wife and daughter. They’re stranded in his car, stuck in the snow, “six miles south” of Tookey’s Bar.

This is a tale, straight-forward but for a funny flashback about a drunken pulp truck driver, that might’ve been even more engrossing than it is if it’s concept weren’t buried in vampiric folklore. The plot rolls along a path of realism until the end, where it starts to get silly.

my rating : 4 of 5


review : Night Shift ( book ) ... Stephen King

audio review : Summertime ( song ) … Will Smith

It would be hard to go wrong over a sample of Kool And The Gang’s Summer Madness; a song that, in contrary to its title, could induce even the purest of grammarians to use “chill” as an adjective; in any case. Still The Fresh Prince deserves props for updating the scene from a general sense of summer to a hot day on the streets of urban America. “Girls out hunting and guys doing likewise,” he observes, “honking at the honey in front you with the light eyes.”

It’s “a groove that soothes and moves romance,” which for most of the college crowd is code for sex. Others are satisfied simply showing their fashion and beauty; “fresh from the barbershop, fly from the beauty salon”; playing basketball, eating barbeque or just partying and having fun. Will Smith and the gang; his background boys provide a fitting soundscape; cover it all, but it’s the girl singing; for her, it’s “time to sit back and unwind”; that keeps you hooked.

my rating : 4 of 5


video review : 12 Angry Men

video review : 12 Angry Men

“I’m getting a little tired of this yackety-yakking back and forth,” an exasperated, though not quite Angry, man declares. It’s a sentiment you might find yourself agreeing with as you watch a movie that plays and feels like a real-time jury deliberation. It’s an intriguing concept with interesting dialogue, but it gets redundant after a while and the characterization, particularly in relation to the ending resolution, is somewhat unrealistic.

my rating : 3 of 5