One For The Road ( story ) … Stephen King

The title refers to the flask of brandy a man named Booth brings along as he, his friend Tookey and a stranger named Lumley venture out into a winter blizzard to rescue Lumley’s wife and daughter. They’re stranded in his car, stuck in the snow, “six miles south” of Tookey’s Bar.

This is a tale, straight-forward but for a funny flashback about a drunken pulp truck driver, that might’ve been even more engrossing than it is if it’s concept weren’t buried in vampiric folklore. The plot rolls along a path of realism until the end, where it starts to get silly.

my rating : 4 of 5


review : Night Shift ( book ) ... Stephen King

video review : Cat’s Eye

video review : Cat's Eye

This is a trilogy of Stephen King stories. The first, Quitters Inc, about a clinic that goes to extreme measures to get people to stop smoking, is a drag. The Ledge and General; General is the name of the Cat that strings these little movies together; are better.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : I Need A Haircut ( album ) … Biz Markie

audio review : I Need A Haircut ( album ) ... Biz Markie

Cool V starts this with a lengthy dedication like it’s his album and says he’s going to do it again on the next one. I guess that’s okay since he handles the music production, giving him about as much artistic credit as Biz Markie whose silly raps are fun but almost never as listenable as the beats they’re presented upon.

The Biz is best when telling a story. He reminisces about a high school crush who caught The Vapors on What Comes Around Goes Around, one of his best songs. Other interesting tales include Road Block, about a girl who brings her friend along on a date, and Buck Wild, about a young rebel headed for a life of crime.

my rating : 4 of 5