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a dream I had about a nude white girl lying on me

It was nighttime. I was lying, not completely flat but in a reclined position, on some kind of makeshift bed; perhaps just a partly folded mattress and sheet; with my back propped against one end of what seems like an actual bunk bed. There might’ve been a TV on in front of me, but I don’t think so. The room was almost pitch black.

I say “almost” because when I was awoken by the girl, who’d been lying on the top bunk above and behind me, gently lying herself (perpendicular) across my lap, I could see she was nude. She was white, or Caucasian, so her skin reflected whatever little moonlight or street light there may have been shining in thru the window.

Our sleeping arrangement had been completely platonic; she was college age and it seemed we barely knew each other; so to say I was pleasantly surprised would be a major understatement. My first thought was that she’d half-awaken, stumbled to the bathroom to pee or something, and simply lay on me by mistake, thinking it was the bunk.

My second thought was that she did it on purpose to seduce me. After just a few seconds, however, she got up and started to go back to the top bunk. If my first thought was correct, it meant she made an embarrassing faux pas, but if my second thought was correct, it meant she was disappointed by the fact that I seemed to be asleep.

Either way I was going to tell her, half jokingly, to come back. If she giggled and stayed up there, my first thought would be confirmed. The worst-case scenario for me was for my second thought to be correct and not say anything. I was, in fact, asleep but not fully asleep. My eyes had been open enough to see her, but I couldn’t speak.

As hard as I tried, I couldn’t utter a word. I was telling her to come back in my mind, but I wasn’t actually saying anything. It was like when I was a kid and used to wake up unable to move, except in this case I couldn’t talk. That is until the words finally came out. “Come back,” I grunted with stroke-like inflections. “Back” sounded like “bock”.

I think she did giggle, but I don’t remember for sure. All I know is that I was going to leave it at that, but, after a few seconds, it happened again. This time she came down and lay across me not perpendicular on her side but to an angle on her stomach, with her leg touching my right arm. She was still nude, still white and still beautiful.

If she lay the opposite way, I probably would’ve stroked her long blonde hair, but all I could reach without moving was her legs and ass, so I started rubbing her leg. Her skin felt so soft and creamy. She didn’t react. She just continued to lay there as my dick started to wake up to see what was going on. That’s unfortunately when I awoke.

2022 [ May 29 ]

video review : Money Talks

video review : Money Talks

Money Talks and so does Franklin; a wisecracking ticket scalper played by Chris Tucker. He’s the star of the show and easily the most entertaining thing about this movie, the plot of which has him partnering with LA news reporter James Russell.

It’s an action-packed adventure of sorts as the pair get chased not only by the police; Franklin is suspected of committing multiple homicides during a prison escape; but a gang of gun-toting bad guys who’ll kill anybody to get their stolen diamonds back.

my rating : 3 of 5