video review : I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

video review : I'm Thinking Of Ending Things

You’ll do yourself a favor turning this movie off before the actual Ending; one of the worst I’ve ever seen. The plot, which starts normal enough with a girl on her way to meet her boyfriend’s parents for the first time, is coated in pretentious ambiguity from the start, but it gets worse the longer it goes. The final several minutes are jarringly off-putting; random and nonsensical; as if director Charlie Kaufman just abandoned the script and said “Fuck it.”

my rating : 1 of 5


Rat ( story ) … Stephen King

It’s Stephen King’s preference for the strange and supernatural that ruins this one. The Bleeds headline reads something like Novelist With Flu Stuck In Cabin During Killer Cyclone and it could’ve been a decent story if that were the gist, but the plot goes haywire at Chapter 22 when the ridiculous title character comes into play.

my rating : 2 of 5


review : If It Bleeds ( book ) ... Stephen King

a dream I had about a video I shot in a high school science lab

“I don’t remember having so many bad girls in that class,” I said, perhaps worded in a slightly different way. “Having so many bad girls” might’ve been “so many bad girls being” and “bad” might’ve been “fine”, but the gist was the same as I watched, apparently on my phone, a video I’d shot back in high school.

Randy was watching it too. He laughed when I said what I said. “I swear I don’t remember so many fine girls being in that class,” I repeated, which made him laugh again. The video was a short clip from what looked like one of the real-life high school science labs I attended and flirted with girls in.

This class was almost all girls though and it seemed they were all looking at the camera; some smiling, some stone-faced, some posing, some withdrawn, some standing, some sitting; as I panned across the tables. It also seemed they were all cute and light-skinned; Hispanic and mulatto mixes; no darkies.

Even the one guy I remember seeing in the video was light-skinned. “That was my boy right there,” I said to Randy as the camera passed over him. I actually recognized him too, unlike the girls, as if we really went to high school together. It wasn’t until I awoke that I realized they were all dream-worlders.

2022 [ March 16 ]