audio review : 2 Bad ( song ) … Michael Jackson

This song should end at about the 3:41 mark before Shaquille O’Neal enters the court. His verse is decent enough, aside from the faddish “95” reference, but the song would be better without him. Michael Jackson holds his own (“crotch”) vocally; there are some funky harmonies happening here; especially during the peaks when he starts doing his signature ad-libs.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : History ( album ) ... Michael Jackson

audio review : 2000 Watts ( song ) … Michael Jackson

There seems to be a conceptual conflict with this being both a “dance” anthem and music to blast in your car at “high speed”; it would be hard to do both at once; but the main issue is the deepening effect on the lead vocals. It’s an artistic decision that, on an official Michael Jackson song, borders blasphemy.

The cut; literally the missing title song cut from Tyrese’s newest album, oddly enough; starts in the middle (mediocre) lane but soon reaches “the next level” as Michael Jackson puts you in the groove. It’s his ad-libs during the peak that boost it. The beat, whether you’re driving or dancing to it, is also a banger.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Invincible ( album ) ... Michael Jackson