audio review : Stranger In Moscow ( song ) … Michael Jackson

“How does it feel?” Lonely and cold, gloomy and ominous. The most popular singer in the world has experienced a “swift and sudden fall from grace”, it’s raining, “sunny days seem far away”, and it seems he’s in imminent danger. He’s a Stranger In Moscow.

The song, flawed mainly by a gratuitous prelude; the storm is too quiet; and synth drums that sound somewhat out of place, doesn’t make much of an impact until the final third. That’s when Michael Jackson drops the subtleties and finally opens up vocally.

my rating : 4 of 5


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audio review : The Lady In My Life ( song ) … Michael Jackson

The Lady In most people’s lives, at least at the beginning, is their mother, but Michael Jackson isn’t singing about Katherine. This is a song about a girlfriend. “Lay your body close to mine,” he croons with strong sexual undertones, “I can make you feel alright.”

It’s mostly about “love” though; the romantic kind that can make a gentleman resort to bombastic schoolyard poetry in order to express his true feelings. He and she become not just a couple but “two hearts in a beat of ecstasy”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Sweet nothings can be awwfully charming though, especially when they’re winter-blanketed in funky grooves and gorgeous melodies like these. Most popular songs are “love” songs and Michael Jackson’s are no exception, but this one may very well be his best.

my rating : 5 of 5


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