audio review : 1000 Xs And Os ( song ) … Prince

The one thing I hate about this song is the title, rather its awkward stylization. It should be A Thousand Hugs And Kisses, but if any song artist can be forgiven for such an aesthetic flaw; the grammar rules of my site omit those two ugly apostrophes; it’s Prince. He’s been doing it with his songs for so long, it’s become somewhat of a trademark.

The one thing I love about the song; a demo version of which has been circulating among hardcore Prince fans since 1992 or 1993; is the beat; easily one of the best he’s ever sang to. It’s produced by, or co-produced with, Joshua Welton and not even Prince’s middling chorus; he’s singing to his “baby”, meaning a wife or live-in girlfriend; can bring it down.

my rating : 4 of 5


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