audio review : I Got Game ( song ) … Sir Mix-A-Lot

“You know a Vette only got two seats,” Sir Mix-A-Lot reminds us, “just enough room for a player and a freak.” He also has a couple of Benzes, gold around his neck and a wad of cash. The objective is to attract girls; he likes them “thick”; and have sex with as many as possible. Perhaps his flashiest accessory though is his gift of gab, which sounds especially eloquent over a funky Rick James sample.

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a dream I had about having an interesting discussion with a woman at a table

I don’t know where we were; it seemed like an otherwise empty room in some kind of private building; but I think it all started with a poster on the wall. It had some kind of message written on it and, though I assumed it was related to “LGBT” or some other similarly ridiculous cause, I asked what it meant.

The answer had to do with the woman’s daughter, or perhaps another woman’s daughter, being bisexual and pregnant. “At least you said ‘bisexual’ and not ‘gay’,” I said in response, perhaps not in these exact words; “Sometimes pregnant women claim to be lesbians and I always wonder how that works.”

I understood a woman could get pregnant by means other than having sex with a man they’re sexually or romantically attracted to, but I was speaking in a general sense. If I made that distinction in the dream, I don’t remember doing so. I do, however, remember being surprised when they agreed with me.

“They” were a black woman and man probably around my age or a little younger; there may have also been a person or few standing around listening to us; but most of the conversation was between me and the woman as we sat, though she started off standing, at what looked like some sort of conference table.

From there, the discussion went quickly down the rabbit hole, as the saying goes, to other controversial topics. I don’t remember what else we talked about other than the “LGBT” stuff, but everything from politics to race to anything else I wanted to discuss and debate was potentially on the table.

That’s what made it captivating for me. Aside from the surprise agreement that started it, we were mostly disagreeing. It was civil; no yelling or anything like that; but we were both literally and figuratively on different sides of the table. The man, who sat almost behind me, was more of a moderator.

It got so interesting, in fact, that I asked if I could record it. “Audio only,” I clarified. “No video,” then I paused for a second, “unless you want to go there.” The woman was reluctant at first, but when I said she could record it too, she said of course she would and set her phone down on the table like I did mine.

At that point, I had already told her that the reason I wanted to record audio of the conversation was because I hated how when I had arguments and debates with other people in the past, they would later claim they didn’t say some of the things they said. That was true, but I also wanted it for the site.

2021 [ December 30 ]

video review : Mommie Dearest

video review : Mommie Dearest

I’m not sure why, but I get the feeling Joan Crawford might be mentally unstable. Perhaps it’s the way she reacts when she realizes her daughter’s dress is hanging on a, gasp, wire hanger. It’s one of the movie’s many examples of overacting but also its most iconic, and most hilarious, moment. All of Mommie Dearest’s best scenes, in fact, are ones in which she’s abusing her daughter.

To be fair, the plot is based on a book, a memoir, written by Crawford’s real-life adopted daughter, so we’re only getting one side of the story. When it comes to allegations of mistreatment, especially among dysfunctional families, the truth is often overdramatized for the sake of one’s own virtue. Her take is interesting though, even if barely enough to have been made into a Hollywood movie.

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audio review : Poor Georgie ( song ) … MC Lyte

“If you love someone, you should say it often,” MC Lyte advises, “You’ll never know when they’ll be laying in a coffin.” Awkward grammar aside, it’s a poignant message and the lesson of this story about a guy she met one night at a (dance) club.

There are “kiss/cry” breaks; the Motown hit bits, while random in their inclusion, also add a nice touch; but no chorus. It’s the lonely guitar loop; the whole song is based on Toto’s Georgy Porgy; that keeps you hooked till the tragic end.

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audio review : Act Like You Know ( album ) ... MC Lyte

audio review : God Only Knows ( song ) … The Beach Boys

This song has one of the most beautiful endings you’ll ever hear. Almost exactly 2 minutes in; when a piano, tambourine and string ensemble give way to what sounds like gentle tap dancing; it goes from just a nice serenade to something special.

“God Only Knows what I’d be without you,” the Boys sing in succession, seemingly trying to outdo each other with their melodic acquities, until the music fades. It’s a marvelous sequence. Too bad the whole song doesn’t sound like that.

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audio review : God Only Knows ( song ) ... The Beach Boys