audio review : Chromatica ( album ) … Lady Gaga

audio review : Chromatica ( album ) ... Lady Gaga

This is how that Joanne album should’ve sounded. Instead of more Artpop, Lady Gaga, after performing corny jazz covers with Tony Bennett, ventured off into country music. I guess you can call Chromatica a return to form. RedOne, DJ White Shadow and Garibay are still missing though, so it’s up to BloodPop and other one-word-name producers to get the party started.

It’s all dance songs; the house-drum kind played in clubs frequented by young socialites; and that’s the best thing about it. It isn’t as quirky or innovative as Artpop; the best song on that one is the R Kelly duet, which feminist Gaga later condemned because the crystal ball between her legs told her men accused of sex crimes are guilty until proven innocent; but it’s better than Million Reasons.

Of course, that isn’t saying a whole lot. Lady Gaga seems to be more of a creative talent than mother Madonna; I wonder if the Chromatica album title was inspired by Erotica; but her vocal melodies rarely match the allure of the music. The beats, while perhaps too reserved at times, sound cool, in other words, but you might find yourself “not having Fun” during some of these tired choruses.

my rating : 3 of 5


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