audio review : High Off Life ( album ) … Future

audio review : High Off Life ( album ) ... Future

Future is a rich man with a lavish collection of jewelry and several luxury cars; his money and fame attract so many “bad bitches”, it’s Hard To Choose One; so it’s no wonder he’s High Off Life. He’s also high on “green”. This, his eight album, serves as a soundtrack to his biography; at least the parts he wants us to know about.

Not that his heavily Auto-Tuned vocals are the highlight here. The best parts are the gritty Trap beats; those of us who can’t switch the “yellow Lambo” with the “green Ferrari” have to be careful not to blow our woofers with all this bass; though the set would be a lot less interesting without his singsong raps to set the scenes.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : Sex Packets ( album ) … Digital Underground

audio review : Sex Packets ( album ) ... Digital Underground

The Humpty Dance introduction, which references a song from the other (forthcoming) side of the tape; the full version of this album can only be heard on cassette; should come at the end. That would put The Way We Swing at the beginning where it belongs. The sloppy order of these songs stands, rather lies drugged-out on a cum-stained mattress, as the only major flaw on an album that’s otherwise rather amusing.

That’s thanks mostly to the innovative mind of Shock G, which is influenced not only by “biochemically compacted sexual affection”; the concept of this project pushes erotic “hallucinogens”; but George Clinton and other eccentric Funk artists from the 1970s. Some of these bits are genius. Sex Packets, like De La Soul’s 3 Feet High And Rising, is a prime example of a damn good, clever and creative Hip-Hop debut.

my rating : 4 of 5


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