audio review : Deli ( song ) … Ice Spice

Why Ice Spice insists on shaking her ass in a Deli à la Lizzo as opposed to a dance club is anyone’s guess, but the beat is a banger. It better be because the rapper’s vocals, specifically her borderline-retarded voice and delivery, leave a lot to be desired. Her looks leave little. She’s a “baddie” and knows it as she bends over to show the boys a glimpse of her cold cuts.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : Discombobulated ( song ) … Eminem

This song would be a lot better if not for the switch that happens at the start of the second verse. The music; a Relapsesque Dr Dre production; is suddenly and permanently abandoned.

The change fits the concept, but the beats that replace it, apparently provided by Black Bethoven and S1, are inferior. Thus what could’ve been a good song is ruined ninety seconds in.

my rating : 2 of 5


audio review : Music To Be Murdered By [ Side B ] ( album ) ... Eminem