video review : The Conjuring

video review : The Conjuring

The prelude, which introduces “paranormal investigators” Ed and Lorraine Warren via their Annabelle Case, is silly, but the following story begins decently enough. It has a family; a husband and wife along with their five daughters; moving into a house in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The year is 1971 and, despite a janky furnace, the retro vibes are warm and inviting.

It’s when the spooks begin; the house is, of course, haunted; that things start to get silly again. Perhaps The Conjuring, with a less ominous title, would’ve been better as a light Brady-Bunch-like coming-of-age story. As is, the movie, which is supposedly based on a true story, with all its lazy horror genre clichés, gets more and more ridiculous the longer it goes.

my rating : 2 of 5


video review : I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

video review : I'm Thinking Of Ending Things

You’ll do yourself a favor turning this movie off before the actual Ending; one of the worst I’ve ever seen. The plot, which starts normal enough with a girl on her way to meet her boyfriend’s parents for the first time, is coated in pretentious ambiguity from the start, but it gets worse the longer it goes. The final several minutes are jarringly off-putting; random and nonsensical; as if director Charlie Kaufman just abandoned the script and said “Fuck it.”

my rating : 1 of 5