audio review : Houdini ( song ) … Eminem

Eminem should stop saying he’s “back”. He’s been doing it after nearly every hiatus since The Marshal Mathers LP and even then it came across as a lazy cliché. This newest return is nonetheless significant as he goes back to the tradition of teasing a new album with a fun first single à la The Real Slim Shady, Without Me, Just Lose It and We Made You.

Houdini; the rapper’s new alphabetical idolization after Hitchcock; is one of the better among them. The beat is appropriately goofy. The raps, which mock censorship for old times sake, are appropriately defiant. The third verse is particularly entertaining as he offers a funny “fuck you” to everyone from R Kelly to trannies to his “own kids; they’re brats.”

my rating : 4 of 5


Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle or Eminem’s Slim Shady LP : Which album is better?

Doggystyle ( album ) ... Snoop Dogg audio review : The Slim Shady LP ( album ) ... Eminem

These are the debut albums of Dr Dre’s most successful (popular) protégés. Both are good. The Slim Shady LP is much better lyrically; Eminem’s unprecedented rap skills, in fact, make it the best I ever heard in that regard; while Doggystyle, with its P-funk-influenced (G-funk) soundscape, is better musically.

It’s not just the beats. Doggystyle, with guest singers like Nate Dogg and The Dramatics, is also better at the breaks. Shady’s hooks are inferior; especially Bonnie And Clyde, My Fault and Cum On Everybody. His verses though. Snoop is a decent rapper, better at style than substance, but Eminem wins that battle every time.

my vote : ?