audio review : What Happened To The World ( mixtape ) … The Jacka

audio review : What Happened To The World ( mixtape ) ... The Jacka

The Jacka is better than the average rapper but not because of his raps. His retarded delivery is barely adequate. It’s his singing that stands out. My biggest complaint when it comes to rap songs is their tendency to falter during the breaks. The Jacka croons his hooks and seems to have a knack for composing catchy melodies, which does wonders for his songs.

Prime examples include What Are We and The Way We Was. Their only real flaws are that they’re cut too short at the end, which probably has to do with this set being a sloppy “audio documentary” mixtape, full with annoying DJ (Child) tags and all, than a proper album. Other highlights include The President’s Face, See It Thru, I’m Leaving and Love.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Didn’t Mean To Kill A Man ( song ) … Max B

I’m guessing “the icy man” is the man who drove the ice cream truck. Max B says his mom wouldn’t give him money to buy some as a kid because “she’d rather go see the dealer”. It seems he’s suggesting her drug addiction set him on the wrong path. These vocals were recorded not in a posh studio but a prison as he serves what was initially a life sentence for killing a man.

That makes the title, which would be better if it included the word “I”, and concept a bit of a surprise, though the alleged crime is only mentioned in a hook that further establishes the rapper slash singer as the best in the game. The beat, led by a poignant piano loop, is also a banger. My only major complaint is that it doesn’t continue to play after the final chorus section.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Charly ( EP ) ... Max B

Rest Stop ( story ) … Stephen King

It seems people vomit in Stephen King stories for reasons that seem unlikely in real life. One is a “whore”, albeit a pregnant one, being beaten by her boyfriend or husband. The other is protagonist John Dykstra after attacking the man to protect the woman.

Dykstra is a novelist with an alter ego, a “literary werewolf” named Rick Hardin, whom he conjures in order to do the deed, but the point is lost on me. Rest Stop is technically well-written; Stephen King guarantees as much; but the plot doesn’t really go anywhere.

my rating : 2 of 5

Rest Stop ( story ) ... Stephen King

audio review : A Bird In The Hand ( song ) … Ice Cube

The prelude; Big Bird from Sesame Street announcing he’s found an old book of poetry in his nest; is genius. The song, which, at just over two minutes with no chorus, is barely that, doesn’t disappoint from there.

It’s a soliloquy from a young dad who turns to illegal drug sales in order to make money. It’s also a diss to George Bush and other white political leaders, whom a lot of black people blame for their money problems.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : A Bird In The Hand ( song ) ... Ice Cube