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video review : Taylor Swift : The Eras Tour

video review : Taylor Swift : The Eras Tour

Speaking of Eras, Taylor Swift is probably the most popular singer, Man or woman, in modern times. This concert is actually a montage of shows performed during her newest Tour, but it’s limited to SoFi Stadium in California; a fact that should’ve been referenced in the overgeneralized title, which covers her “17 years of music”.

That she’s made so few good songs in all that time is almost beside the point. Taylor Swift is overrated when it comes to her music, but she’s a sexy Disney princess; who are all these lucky guys she’s falling in Love with; and her performances, at least when filmed and edited as cinematically as they are here, entertain.

The final act suggests this Tour would be even better if, like the previous ones were based on albums, it were limited to Midnights; the Lavender/blue colors of which are nice. She’s also sweaty from hours of dancing, which makes me wish she’d throw her fishnets in the crowd so I can catch and do naughty things with them.

my rating : 4 of 5