video review : Bitch I’m Madonna ( song ) … Madonna ( featuring Nicki Minaj )

video review : Bitch I'm Madonna ( song ) ... Madonna ( featuring Nicki Minaj )

There’s a party going on and I wasn’t invited. The scene; people having crazy fun at what looks like a lavish rooftop hotel suite in or near Los Angeles; is awesome. I especially dig the part where host Madonna prances her way up a red-lit graffiti-laced staircase and tongue-kisses a random girl. It’s nice to see she’s still being a slut in her 50s.

What the video would do better without are the cringey cameos from celebrities who obviously aren’t at the party. Having Beyoncé in your video, lip-syncing to your song, makes for ultimate bragging rights, even for a VIP like Madonna, but it also makes for an awkward edit. The one exception is Nicki Minaj, who at least raps on the song.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : The Lion King [ The Gift ] ( album ) … Beyoncé

audio review : The Lion King [ The Gift ] ( album ) ... Beyoncé

Listening from the start, you might think this album; a needless soundtrack from a needless remake of The Lion King; is going to be Beyoncé’s best in a long time. Indeed she should’ve saved the first couple of songs; Bigger and Find Your Way Back; for her next (proper) release.

Here they’re nearly lost in a mix that includes a slew of Interludes; there’s one before almost every song; and vocals from African artists most Beyoncé fans probably never heard of. Not that the beats, indigenous soundscapes served with modern drum thumps, aren’t groovy.

my rating : 3 of 5