The Real Deal : Jim Fetzer mocking the Boston bombing and responding to James DiEugenio’s “attack” on him



False Flag Weekly News | The Real Deal : Kevin Barrett arguing with Jim Fetzer and Activist Angel

False Flag Weekly News : Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett arguing about each other’s “Islamophobic” and “homophobic” positions :

The Real Deal : Kevin Barrett condemning Jim Fetzer | Activist Angel and Jim Fetzer condemning Kevin Barrett :


audio review : Cowboy Carter ( album ) … Beyoncé

audio review : Cowboy Carter ( album ) ... Beyoncé

The title makes no sense. It should be Cowgirl Carter. Not that there’s a sense of authenticity to Beyoncé’s ghetto ass riding off to the country. This is, to be clear, essentially a country music album with song titles like Riverdance, Levi’s Jeans, Sweet Honey Buckiin and Spaghettii. Those tacky “ii” bits representative the fact that it’s also the Act 2 follow-up to Renaissance.

That album sounds better if only because, when all else fails, you’ll get lost in its grooves. The beats here are mostly par for the course of a genre that relies more on vocal melodies, which Beyoncé has little talent for. The dive bar is packed when she sings her songs; her popularity assures it; but you’ll be hard pressed to find a catchy hook to hang your hat on.

I do like her Daughter; not that annoying chicklet on Protector but the song called Daughter. I like it a lot. The ballad, which dabbles in themes of patriarchy and Christianity, is surprisingly splendid. It’s a little bit country but mostly Celtic. Hopefully it will be played at the genre reveal party for Act 3 and she swaps those dadgum Cowboy clothes for (just) a torc.

my rating : 3 of 5


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