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video review : Travis [ The True Story Of Travis Walton ]

video review : Travis [ The True Story Of Travis Walton ]

The title implies a full biography, but this documentary, which starts off interestingly but loses its way, is about the one thing Travis Walton is known for; his alleged alien abduction. The incident, which supposedly happened in Snowflake (Arizona) back in 1975, is presented as a True Story, but the evidence is mostly limited to eyewitness accounts from his six logger buddies.

my rating : 3 of 5


a map showing US states by date of statehood

a map showing US states by date of statehood

Which of the United States is the best?

Florida’s always been my favorite state, long before I ever went there, mainly because it’s the warmest. I hate being cold and get cold easier (quicker) than most people, but I’m generally not bothered by hot weather. When I’m getting too hot, I’m more concerned with potentially passing out from heatstroke rather than being miserable from the feeling of being hot itself.

I also like the fact that the state is surrounded by (warm) water but not totally isolated like Hawaii. I get motion sickness on boats and can’t swim, so about knee deep is as far as I ever go into the sea or ocean; I don’t go in lakes at all because most are dirty and harbor snakes/alligators; but I do enjoy going to beaches for their natural visual and auditory aesthetics.

There are other states I like or would like to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Nowhere even comes close. Georgia is the closest physically, so if I had to live somewhere else, it would be there. California used to be my second favorite, but it’s being ruined by crazy politicians. Texas is one of the better states, but I don’t want to live anywhere near the Mexican border.

my vote : Florida