audio review : A Breukelen Story ( album ) … Masta Ace + Marco Polo

audio review : A Breukelen Story ( album ) ... Masta Ace + Marco Polo

I’d say this isn’t a Marco Polo album any more than The Falling Season is a Kic Beats album; Ace credits one and not the other; but Polo isn’t just the sole beatmaker here. He’s also the main character. This Story is, in other words, about Marco Polo in the same way The Falling Season is about Masta Ace. But Polo doesn’t rap, so Ace shouts him out every once in a while.

If that seems confusing, it is. Masta Ace has long been fixated on odd concept albums pervaded with narrative skits that have little replay value. A Breukelen Story is no exception. The best parts are the beats and rhymes; Ace and Polo are skilled in their fields; but not necessarily the songs themselves. Kings and God Bodies are good, but most falter at the breaks.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : Plan Of Attack ( song ) … Sadat X + Masta Ace

Masta Ace is a better rapper, but Sadat X’s voice and off-kilter delivery outshines him here. “Make my own rule book,” the Nubian says, “Verse and a cool hook.” He’s right about the hook. It’s the catchiest part of the song.

The beat, a New York borough banger, is produced by Marco Polo. My only real complaint about the song is the placement of the DJ-Premier-like scratch break after Ace’s verse. It should go straight to the chorus like X’s.

my rating : 4 of 5