The Raw Deal [ 2024 March 13 ]


audio review : The Movie ( song ) … Too Short ( featuring George Clinton + Belita Woods )

“It ain’t the kind of Movie where the leading man gets the girl,” George Clinton announces at the four-minute mark. It’s presented as a single ad-lib, but it should’ve been looped as the base of the chorus. The beat is funky, but the one thing missing from the song is a catchy hook. The “broadway” bit sounds nice, but it serves as more of a refrain.

my rating : 3 of 5


audio review : Volume 2 [ Hard Knock Life ] … Jay-Z

audio review : Volume 2 [ Hard Knock Life ] ... Jay-Z

This is supposed to be the sequel to In My Lifetime. The reason for the missing title is anyone’s guess; perhaps to avoid the double Life; but that oddity is the album’s one major flaw. The songs themselves are mostly okay. 2 are actually quite good.

Those aforementioned highlights include A Week Ago, on which a surprisingly poignant Jay-Z plays the role of a drug dealer whose long-time friend turns snitch after getting locked up, and a group collaboration entitled Reservoir Dogs.

my rating : 3 of 5