dreams I had

saving the life of someone also named Marcel

walking thru my apartment building

living in a college dorm

Eugene getting knocked out in class

a nude white girl lying on me

a video I shot in a high school science lab

fucking a girl from behind

a five-part Steven Spielberg movie

having an interesting discussion with a woman at a table

staying in a college dorm

watching a video of a girl being killed

overhearing my lesbian roommate have sex

watching My Girl in class

a girl interviewing me for school

living in an apartment in Detroit

meeting Stevie Wonder

having sex with Michelle Waterson

watching a movie that started to become real

my next-door neighbor and a bunch of dogs

a girl who was about to let me put my tongue in her ass

living in a college dorm and seeing an enormous insect

a gay school teacher giving me his phone number

lying to a high school security guard to get out of trouble

a woman named Rebecca

a girl staring at me like she wanted to fuck

driving my cars from a bus

witnessing a crazy traffic collision

being late for class

arguing with Alex Malpass

taking pictures of girls I used to know

two old people who vacationed a lot

being at school with Wendy and Leanne

a co-worker named Eugene

a video girl who seemed to have a crush on me

kissing and fondling a girl named Wendy

living with people and a caged bird

walking to a college campus and teleporting back home to get my car

500 girls at a hotel

a teen prison inmate attempting an escape

a man and a woman near the end of their romance

my car being repossessed

being on a tower and trying to run home before being eaten by lions

attending an event with tables of free White Castle burgers

a parachute man

waiting till the last minutes to study for a college exam

taking notes in a history class

taking a photo of a police officer at my job

seeing an airplane going down outside my window

working in a mansion with Sheila

being trapped nude in a bathroom stall

going to Solomon鈥檚 Temple in Detroit

a freaky bisexual girl

meeting a distant cousin

seeing two dragons fighting in the night sky

hiring Pinky and Misty to exercise at my mother鈥檚 house

asking for Cap’n Crunch at Target

going back to the past

somehow getting an enormous amount of cash from a bank ATM

trying to interview Hulk Hogan for the site

a girl and her sister

being featured on a “reality” TV show with Jack Osbourne

my boss Heather sitting on my face

working for AVI

being in an elementary school reading class

a beat I made

being at home in my apartment

playing Night Of The Living Dead

trading insults with a girl named Eliza

a tube of peanut butter toothpaste

a girl giving me her baby in Miss Dubose’s class

a sweaty porn girl with amazing tits

going back to the past

a dream I had about saving the life of someone also named Marcel

I don’t know how he died or how his heart stopped; he’d presumably had some kind of heart attack; but there he; a guy I know also named Marcel; lay, soon to be dead if I didn’t take action. That last bit was a near certainty based on memories of seeing, on TV and such, hearing about and reading about people being resuscitated by paramedics and the like.

The key, I knew, was to act quickly. Michael Jackson; my favorite dead person; might’ve been saved if Conrad Murray had that mindset instead of trying to save his own ass. Not that I admired Marcel like I admire Michael Jackson. In fact I don’t even like Marcel; not really, though he can be fun to hang around on occasion; but I felt morally obligated to try to save him.

I could go into a psychological introspection on why that is; morals, I’m convinced, are completely subjective and I can be a heartless bastard; but try my best to save him I did. CPR was out of the question; I never learned it, hate the thought of having to press into someone’s chest and could never get past the disgust of putting my mouth on his; but I had another way.

For some reason I had with me what I can only describe as some kind of dreamworld defibrillator, which I actually remembered bringing him back to life with in the past. That time he’d come back quickly, but this time, as I repeated the process of basically shocking his chest to jumpstart his heart and brain, it seemed to no avail. Too much time was passing by.

Still I tried. There was no one else around and I would’ve felt damn guilty if I’d given up without a fight; I’m also convinced morals are inherently selfish; so I continued to shock him as he lay there otherwise motionless. Thoughts raced thru my mind during the process, including whether or not that bastard would work as hard to save me. Probably not, I figured.

It didn’t matter though, especially when, after what seemed like minutes of shock treatment, he finally came back to life. I was ecstatic, audibly so, as “My boy!” opened his eyes and started to regain consciousness. There was an underlining concern in my mind that maybe he’d been gone too long and would never be the same, but at least he was alive.

2023 [ April 29 ]

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