audio review : I Got Game ( song ) … Sir Mix-A-Lot

“You know a Vette only got two seats,” Sir Mix-A-Lot reminds us, “just enough room for a player and a freak.” He also has a couple of Benzes, gold around his neck and a wad of cash. The objective is to attract girls; he likes them “thick”; and have sex with as many as possible. Perhaps his flashiest accessory though is his gift of gab, which sounds especially eloquent over a funky Rick James sample.

my rating : 4 of 5


video review : Mommie Dearest

video review : Mommie Dearest

I’m not sure why, but I get the feeling Joan Crawford might be mentally unstable. Perhaps it’s the way she reacts when she realizes her daughter’s dress is hanging on a, gasp, wire hanger. It’s one of the movie’s many examples of overacting but also its most iconic, and most hilarious, moment. All of Mommie Dearest’s best scenes, in fact, are ones in which she’s abusing her daughter.

To be fair, the plot is based on a book, a memoir, written by Crawford’s real-life adopted daughter, so we’re only getting one side of the story. When it comes to allegations of mistreatment, especially among dysfunctional families, the truth is often overdramatized for the sake of one’s own virtue. Her take is interesting though, even if barely enough to have been made into a Hollywood movie.

my rating : 3 of 5