audio review : The Contract [ Grand Theft Auto ] ( EP ) … Dr Dre

audio review : The Contract ( EP ) ... Dr Dre

“I see the way the game played,” Dr Dre declares at one point. If that’s a subliminal reference to the concept of this EP; a soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto; his penmen are more clever than they seem. This is, on paper, a random set of new Dre songs; a rarity these days, like the renowned producer making a beat on his own.

These six songs are co-produced; if not, as I suspect, solely produced; by different people. That, along with the fact that Dre, like dinnermate Puffy, is known to Contract ghostwriters, makes this EP his in the loosest sense. That it sounds more like Compton than another dose of the Chronic is more or less a sign of the times.

my rating : 3 of 5


Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle or Eminem’s Slim Shady LP : Which album is better?

Doggystyle ( album ) ... Snoop Dogg audio review : The Slim Shady LP ( album ) ... Eminem

These are the debut albums of Dr Dre’s most successful (popular) protégés. Both are good. The Slim Shady LP is much better lyrically; Eminem’s unprecedented rap skills, in fact, make it the best I ever heard in that regard; while Doggystyle, with its P-funk-influenced (G-funk) soundscape, is better musically.

It’s not just the beats. Doggystyle, with guest singers like Nate Dogg and The Dramatics, is also better at the breaks. Shady’s hooks are inferior; especially Bonnie And Clyde, My Fault and Cum On Everybody. His verses though. Snoop is a decent rapper, better at style than substance, but Eminem wins that battle every time.

my vote : ?

audio review : Discombobulated ( song ) … Eminem

This song would be a lot better if not for the switch that happens at the start of the second verse. The music; a Relapsesque Dr Dre production; is suddenly and permanently abandoned.

The change fits the concept, but the beats that replace it, apparently provided by Black Bethoven and S1, are inferior. Thus what could’ve been a good song is ruined ninety seconds in.

my rating : 2 of 5


audio review : Music To Be Murdered By [ Side B ] ( album ) ... Eminem

Yomo And Maulkie or Bone Thugs-N-Harmony or Jon Connor and Dr Dre : Whose version of For The Love Of Money is the best?

Yomo And Maulkie Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Jon Connor and Dr Dre

The first version of the song was released in 1991 on Are U Xperienced; the sole album of Yomo And Maulkie. The rap duo were protégés of Eazy-E, who brought the concept back three years later for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Their version, stylized as Foe Tha Love Of $, can be heard on their Creepin On Ah Come Up EP. The song wouldn’t be revisited, at least among NWA associates, until Dr Dre’s 2015 Compton album. This one is led by Jon Connor.

I like all three, but the original is the best. Yomo And Maulkie’s raps are rudimentary; a sign of the times; but the music (loop) is melodic and Jewell adds some powerful ad-libs near the end. The Bone one is the worst. The music is basically the same and their raps are better, but I don’t like their hook and Jewell’s parts are limited. The John Connor and Dr Dre version, which takes the most liberties musically, ranks somewhere between the other two.

my vote : Yomo And Maulkie