video review : Contact

video review : Contact

Like observing deep space via satellite, waiting for some sign of intelligent life, this movie is boring for a long time. About a third of its two-and-a-half hours goes by before the catch of the plot finally beams in and things start to get interesting.

Based on a Carl Sagan sci-fi novel, Contact propels itself with a wonderous concept, brilliant visual effects and mind-bending philosophical undertones, but the story, bogged down by extraneous love themes, doesn’t reach good fast enough.

my rating : 3 of 5


video review : Unidentified : Inside America’s UFO Investigation [ Season 2 ]

video review : Unidentified : Inside America's UFO Investigation [ Season 2 ]

This second season of Unidentified is a slight improvement over the first in that it seems to repeat itself a lot less. The Tic Tac UFO is revisited, but Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon also cover several new (other) cases.

The best parts are when the eyewitnesses; the supposedly unanimous ones of which could be easily identified; tell their stories over visual recreations. The Airline Encounters and Triangle Mystery episodes are particularly fascinating.

my rating : 4 of 5