a dream I had about a video I shot in a high school science lab

“I don’t remember having so many bad girls in that class,” I said, perhaps worded in a slightly different way. “Having so many bad girls” might’ve been “so many bad girls being” and “bad” might’ve been “fine”, but the gist was the same as I watched, apparently on my phone, a video I’d shot back in high school.

Randy was watching it too. He laughed when I said what I said. “I swear I don’t remember so many fine girls being in that class,” I repeated, which made him laugh again. The video was a short clip from what looked like one of the real-life high school science labs I attended and flirted with girls in.

This class was almost all girls though and it seemed they were all looking at the camera; some smiling, some stone-faced, some posing, some withdrawn, some standing, some sitting; as I panned across the tables. It also seemed they were all cute and light-skinned; Hispanic and mulatto mixes; no darkies.

Even the one guy I remember seeing in the video was light-skinned. “That was my boy right there,” I said to Randy as the camera passed over him. I actually recognized him too, unlike the girls, as if we really went to high school together. It wasn’t until I awoke that I realized they were all dream-worlders.

2022 [ March 16 ]