audio review : a song from Pretty Woman : He Sleeps

This is the music playing as Pretty Woman Julia Roberts (Vivian) discovers Richard Gere (Edward) sitting asleep on the bed. She kisses him, which leads not just to sex but the metaphorical making of “love”. It’s a nice scene and a good movie. The song is even better.

It, a homestyle orchestral ballad composed by James Newton Howard, in fact deserves a more timeless presentation. The visuals of director Garry Marshall and cinematographer Charles Minsky will become dated, but this beautiful; forget Pretty; music will remain exquisite.

my rating : 5 of 5


video review : Pretty Woman

audio review : I Admit ( song ) … R Kelly

Why R Kelly would put out a song entitled I Admit while being publicly accused of, and potentially investigated for, real-life sex crimes; a song at least partially about said allegations; is beyond me. He stops short of confessing to an actual crime; in fact he strongly implies his innocence; and a song, even a long-ass rambling one, is just a song, but it’s not a good look.

“I admit it,” the ill-advised hook goes, “I did it.” His detractors (“haters”) will isolate those words and use them as weapons, but his sentiments aren’t lost on me. This is, from the prolific R&B artist whose album titles include Love Letter and Write Me Back, an open diary entry in which the singer; a famous one on the verge of becoming infamous; laments his life struggles.

You can say he’s playing the victim, but, in some ways, he is one. A lot of celebrities are. They’re often taken advantage of for the sake of fame and fortune and Kells is no exception. I think that’s him in “the tape”. I saw it before deepfakes. I also think he’s being falsely accused by lying-ass groupies. Don’t get me started on Jim DeRogatis and the biased news media.

my rating : 3 of 5


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