audio review : Babylove ( song ) … Morris Day

This is a party anthem for sugar daddies. The club is packed with “sexy people”, but it’s the young ladies Morris Day is after, “as long as you’re 21”. What he means is 21 years old, no younger and not much older, and who could blame him? The best meat is fresh meat. There are no girls in jail though, so Jerome is posted at the door, checking state IDs and driver’s licenses.

Pedophilic undertones and all, the song is a banger. A louder beat (drums/bass), less cluttered production and more melodic ad-libs; the one at 3:08 is the best part of the song for me; could push it up to classic status, but it’s still the jam as is, mostly because of a set of hooks catchy enough to go fishing. “Calling on the sexy ones,” it goes, “Girls are sure nough fine.”

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Jam And Lewis [ Volume One ] ( album ) ... Jimmy Jam And Terry Lewis

video review : Jesus He Knows Me ( song ) … Genesis

video review : Jesus He Knows Me ( song ) ... Genesis

Casual listeners probably thought this was a typical Christian praise song; the chorus sure sounds like it; but the video makes the message crystal clear. It’s a parody in which frontman Phil Collins plays the role of a television evangelist; the Robert Tilton type who, the band suggests, are mostly in it for the money.

The video, their best yet, is thoroughly entertaining in all the funny/clever ways it plays with the concept. My favorite bit is the paparazzi photos of Mike Rutherford cheating on his wife. It’s also a damn good song, though the most endearing part is an organ prelude you won’t hear on the regular audio version.

my rating : 5 of 5


audio review : Xxplosive ( song ) … Kurupt + Six-Two ( featuring Nate Dogg + Hittman )

The odd song structure, which starts with a hook never heard again and separates two rap verses by what itself sounds like a Nate Dogg song demo, isn’t as off-putting as it should be. In fact it works, mostly because it all sounds good. The best part, aside from Nate’s splendid vocal melodies, is the beat; a pimped-out funk-guitar loop that sounds like it was made to smoke weed and fuck hoes to.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Chronic 2001 ( album ) ... Dr Dre

video review : Pretty Woman

video review : Pretty Woman

I’d prefer a petite woman. Julia Roberts is too tall, especially in high heel shoes, but I guess her face is Pretty enough for the role. Besides, her character (Vivian) isn’t a beauty model. She’s a hooker and her place of business is California’s Hollywood Boulevard, where she walks up to the Lotus Esprit of a rich businessman named Edward.

A hotel proposition takes the unlikely pair from strangers to friends; sex partners to romantic lovers; in a matter of days. Careful editing keeps the plot going at a believable pace given the circumstances of their relationship, which, with the help of a beautiful piano theme and charming dialogue, stumbles upon genuine allure.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Relax ( song ) … Problem ( featuring E-40 )

The problem here is Problem. His apathetic (garbage) vocal delivery, specifically on the hook; I hate the way he says “Ooooh” and that he continues to rap after saying he’s “out”; ruins what could’ve been a decent song.

The obvious highlight, aside from the way the beat plays (out) at the end, is E-40. “Never reveal your enforcers; make them think that you’re nervous,” he advises, “not knowing you active duty, more guns than The Service.”

my rating : 1 of 5


audio review : The Gift Of Gab ( album ) ... E-40