audio review : Play Witcha Mama ( album ) … Willie D

audio review : Play Witcha Mama ( album ) ... Willie D

“Homie Don’t Play That”, Willie D warned on his last Geto Boys album. The sentiment continues on this, his third solo, project. “You need to go in there and Play Witcha Mama,” Ice Cube says on the title song, which, thanks to the guest’s lazy contributions, sounds more like a demo. The album’s biggest blunder though is how the following Rap Rehab break, which comes too early in the set, and Doin The Nasty skit interrupt the flow of songs, most of which “sound real fat”.

Creepin, Throat, Whatcha Know About That and Smoke’m all serve as highlights. Perhaps it’s no coincidence they all feature Wize Up labelmate Sho, whose poignant raps complement Willie D’s more humorous approach. He’s not hollering like he used to, despite claiming he Ain’t Changin Shit, but he’s still funny as he caps on Dionne Warwick’s “big-nose ugly ass” or tells his girlfriend he wants to have her Mama’s pussy “dripping like a wet Jheri curl”.

my rating : 4 of 5


video review : CHUD

video review : CHUD

The one payoff to sitting thru this shitty excuse for a horror flick, the monsters of which look like Halloween costumes with light-bulb eyes, is the ending credits. Over it plays the full version of the opening theme music and it sounds good.

The title stands for Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers; the homeless population of Manhattan turned killer creature as a result of a secret Contamination Hazard Urban Disposal; and the movie is as stupid as those acronyms.

my rating : 1 of 5


video review : Money Talks

video review : Money Talks

Money Talks and so does Franklin; a wisecracking ticket scalper played by Chris Tucker. He’s the star of the show and easily the most entertaining thing about this movie, the plot of which has him partnering with LA news reporter James Russell.

It’s an action-packed adventure of sorts as the pair get chased not only by the police; Franklin is suspected of committing multiple homicides during a prison escape; but a gang of gun-toting bad guys who’ll kill anybody to get their stolen diamonds back.

my rating : 3 of 5