audio review : Killer Wants To Go To College ( song ) … Paul Simon

This, the second Killer Wants To Go To College of two from Paul Simon’s Capeman; he did a similar thing on the Hearts And Bones album; should’ve been titled Killer Wants To Go On TV as there are no direct school references here. It’s the better version though. Simon’s vocal melodies; he’s playing the role of Salvador Agron; sound stellar over the 1950s honky-tonk groove.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Songs From The Capeman ( album ) ... Paul Simon

Truth Versus News Incorporated [ 2023 November 19 ]


audio review : Rule Of Thumb [ Rule 1 ] ( album ) … E-40

This was supposed to be the sequel to Gift Of Gab, but, assuming the Rule 1 subtitle implies there’ll be a part 2, E-40 decided to save the title for a whole new series. Not that it matters much. These days his albums sound very much alike.

The rapper used to pen an array of vocal styles/flows, but now his Game is mostly generic. The same with these basic beats; Lovin Somebody, which sounds like an outtake from R Kelly’s Happy People set, being an obvious exception.

my rating : 3 of 5