audio review : Deep Down ( song ) … Paul McCartney

It’s what sounds like jazzy pipe organs; Paul McCartney was wise enough to keep them looped; along with funky drums, a Deep bassline and a lively horn section that make this song as groovy as it is.

If it isn’t party music, it’s music to prepare to party to as the old-timer announces a set of “wanna/gonna” plans that include picking a woman up and getting “a bite”, whether with or of her isn’t specified.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : McCartney 3 ( album ) ... Paul McCartney

audio review : Nothing Left To Give ( song ) … Lionel Richie

This song gets good at the bridge. “So can you give it all to me,” Lionel Richie asks to a drumless ensemble of what sounds like synth xylophones and maracas, “Want to feel your energy; want to see you rock with me.” That eight-bar bit, which should be the chorus; the actual chorus is kind of annoying with Akon yelling in the background; is easily the best part of this otherwise bombastic party anthem.

my rating : 3 of 5