audio review : Dana Dane 4-Ever ( album ) … Dana Dane

audio review : Dana Dane 4-Ever ( album ) ... Dana Dane

No one promotes Dana Dane like Dana Dane. He’s constantly mentioning himself in the third person perspective as though he’s talking to you about the most popular rapper in the world. “I’ve got a following larger than The Beatles,” he claims at one point. There are, in fact, no less than four songs with his name in the title, which pushes his braggadocio pass the point of typical rap fare.

It’s all in Fun though and he is a good (enough) rapper if only for his charming and witting personality. Perhaps his best trait is the one that gave him Fame; his knack for storytelling. Remember Nightmares? Well, Anita The Beast is back along with a new cast of characters; mostly cute girls. The most poignant tale has him playing the role of a Lonely Man after his girlfriend dies in a car crash.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Wonderful Christmastime ( song ) … Paul McCartney

The refrain of this Christmas anthem is indeed Wonderful. Paul McCartney seems to know it too as he reverts to it after every four, or is it two, bars of verse. That gives the song an odd structure in which the bridge is the longest bit.

Not that anyone at the party is paying attention to the structure of the song. Everyone’s too busy having fun, dancing and singing along. “The mood is right, the spirit’s up,” McCartney observes, “We’re here tonight and that’s enough.”

my rating : 4 of 5