audio review : a song from Pretty Woman : He Sleeps

This is the music playing as Pretty Woman Julia Roberts (Vivian) discovers Richard Gere (Edward) sitting asleep on the bed. She kisses him, which leads not just to sex but the metaphorical making of “love”. It’s a nice scene and a good movie. The song is even better.

It, a homestyle orchestral ballad composed by James Newton Howard, in fact deserves a more timeless presentation. The visuals of director Garry Marshall and cinematographer Charles Minsky will become dated, but this beautiful; forget Pretty; music will remain exquisite.

my rating : 5 of 5


video review : Pretty Woman

audio review : Move ( song ) … Beyoncé ( featuring Grace Jones + Tems )

This song doesn’t really vibe until the chords drop halfway in. That’s when it goes from just a bassy party anthem; the scene is the ballroom of a five-star hotel; to something special. It’s an example of how effective the addition of one music instrument can be, but it should’ve sounded that way from the start.

The queen is faultless though as she struts a path thru the crowd. The title is literally her telling them to get out of the way, though it also serves as a command to dance. She’s headed to the VIP section, but not before grabbing a glass of Champagne and sharing a kiss with some guy who doesn’t look like Jay-Z.

my rating : 4 of 5


audio review : Renaissance ( album ) ... Beyoncé

Rosen Moisturizing Soap : White Tea And Aloe Vera

Rosen Moisturizing Soap : White Tea And Aloe Vera

You’d think a soap “exclusively created for guests of” Rosen Hotels And Resorts would be mild and unobtrusive, but this is anything but. The bar looks pleasant enough and the lather is okay, but it smells like a mix of lemons, pepper and wood burning under a chimney. It also makes your skin feel sticky, which is weird.

my rating : 2 of 5