False Flag Weekly News | The Real Deal : Kevin Barrett arguing with Jim Fetzer and Activist Angel

False Flag Weekly News : Jim Fetzer and Kevin Barrett arguing about each other’s “Islamophobic” and “homophobic” positions :

The Real Deal : Kevin Barrett condemning Jim Fetzer | Activist Angel and Jim Fetzer condemning Kevin Barrett :


video review : Vacancy

video review : Vacancy

This is a slasher flick with not a lot of characters or plot twists. It’s just the simple story of a married couple who, after their car breaks down on a lonely road, reluctantly decide to take refuge in the only overnight shelter within walking distance; The Pinewood Motel.

That’s where the tension begins; the kind you feel when you suddenly hear a loud banging on your door in the middle of the night. The game, played by sadistic voyeuristic killers, gets a tad mundane after a while, but the plot lodges enough scares to last till checkout.

my rating : 4 of 5