Rat ( story ) … Stephen King

It’s Stephen King’s preference for the strange and supernatural that ruins this one. The Bleeds headline reads something like Novelist With Flu Stuck In Cabin During Killer Cyclone and it could’ve been a decent story if that were the gist, but the plot goes haywire at Chapter 22 when the ridiculous title character comes into play.

my rating : 2 of 5


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One For The Road ( story ) … Stephen King

The title refers to the flask of brandy a man named Booth brings along as he, his friend Tookey and a stranger named Lumley venture out into a winter blizzard to rescue Lumley’s wife and daughter. They’re stranded in his car, stuck in the snow, “six miles south” of Tookey’s Bar.

This is a tale, straight-forward but for a funny flashback about a drunken pulp truck driver, that might’ve been even more engrossing than it is if it’s concept weren’t buried in vampiric folklore. The plot rolls along a path of realism until the end, where it starts to get silly.

my rating : 4 of 5


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The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams ( book ) … Stephen King

The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams ( book ) ... Stephen King

Stephen King, the top seller in the horror book Bazaar, remains an excellent writer in the technical sense. It’s his mundane imagination; a lot of his tales are simply boring; and corny sense of humor that might have you demanding a refund. Even the best short stories in this collection; Premium Harmony and The Little Green God Of Agony; are merely decent.

my rating : 2 of 5


Fair Extension ( story ) … Stephen King

The most interesting character in this story, about a lung cancer patient who makes, as the phrase goes, a deal with The Devil, is also the most ridiculous. That character’s name is George Elvid and he’s a “pudgy” salesman who at least serves as a metaphor for the aforementioned entity.

He offers Dave Streeter, who’s been told he has a few months to live, an Extension in the form of a longer life in exchange for money and a redistribution of his (Streeter’s) bad luck or “negative weight”. It’s a silly premise with a mundane plot and odd references to real-life celebrity news bits.

my rating : 2 of 5


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