a dream I had about …

living in a college dorm and seeing an enormous insect

a gay school teacher giving me his phone number

lying to a high school security guard to get out of trouble

a woman named Rebecca

a girl staring at me like she wanted to fuck

driving my cars from a bus

witnessing a crazy traffic collision

being late for class

arguing with Alex Malpass

taking pictures of girls I used to know

two old people who vacationed a lot

being at school with Wendy and Leanne

a co-worker named Eugene

a video girl who seemed to have a crush on me

kissing and fondling a girl named Wendy

living with people and a caged bird

walking to a college campus and teleporting back home to get my car

500 girls at a hotel

a teen prison inmate attempting an escape

a man and a woman near the end of their romance

my car being repossessed

being on a tower and trying to run home before being eaten by lions

attending an event with tables of free White Castle burgers

a parachute man

waiting till the last minutes to study for a college exam

taking notes in a history class

taking a photo of a police officer at my job

seeing an airplane going down outside my window

working in a mansion with Sheila

being trapped nude in a bathroom stall

going to Solomon’s Temple in Detroit

a freaky bisexual girl

meeting a distant cousin

seeing two dragons fighting in the night sky

hiring Pinky and Misty to exercise at my mother’s house

asking for Cap’n Crunch at Target

going back to the past

somehow getting an enormous amount of cash from a bank ATM

trying to interview Hulk Hogan for the site

a girl and her sister

being featured on a “reality” TV show with Jack Osbourne

my boss Heather sitting on my face

working for AVI

being in an elementary school reading class

a beat I made

being at home in my apartment

playing Night Of The Living Dead

trading insults with a girl named Eliza

a tube of peanut butter toothpaste

a girl giving me her baby in Miss Dubose’s class

a sweaty porn girl with amazing tits

going back to the past

a dream I had about living in a college dorm and seeing an enormous insect

I awoke to the sound of Shaunee talking about how we first met. I couldn’t see her; I was turned away from her with my head wrapped under a sheet and I think I still had my eyes closed; but I could tell it was her from the voice. I was lying on my side and she was lying behind me with her arms wrapped around me. We weren’t in any kind of romantic or sexual relationship, but it did turn me on the way she was hugging me with her mouth so close to my ear.

“I remember when I first met you,” she said before going on to explain that it was in the first grade, meaning the first level of elementary school after kindergarten, but I can’t remember what else she said. It seemed to be about being in a play or something. I don’t know, but I was fascinated. I cherish old school memories, enjoy being reminded of ones I forgot about and even intervened to tell her that, though I didn’t actually remember anything she said happened.

I don’t know if I went back to sleep or what, but when I eventually got out of bed, Shaunee was gone and there was a gay guy in the room or a skinny black guy whose mannerisms fit the gay guy stereotype to a tee. He even did the fake voice thing as he told me something about ordering pizza; he might’ve asked me if I wanted some; but I was too distracted by my repulsion as I considered the possibility that it was him, not Shaunee, who’d embraced me earlier.

Just then a white guy who seemed to have brown curly hair walked into the room. I can’t remember what he said to me, but it seemed he’d gotten upset with me not long before and was trying to explain why. I didn’t want to be bothered, but I listened as he talked, perhaps seeking an unlikely apology, even as we walked from that room to an area separated by what looked like a glass wall or partition with tables and more college-age people on the other side.

I was apparently a college student living in some kind of dorm. The room on the other side of the glass must’ve been some kind of eating or study area, though most of the students I saw were just standing around, conversing with one another and probably on their phones. I observed all of this in a matter of seconds as the guy continued to talk to me when, all of a sudden, I saw what looked like an enormous insect crawling from underneath one of the tables.

I don’t know if it was a roach, a cricket or what, but it was at least a foot long and seemed to be injured; perhaps someone had inadvertently stepped on it; as it crawled toward the room I’d awaken in where the partition stopped. That meant all it had to do was crawl around it to get to where I was, but the dream didn’t last that long. The last thing I remember is interrupting the guy. “Okay, but all I want to know is… what that is,” I think I said as I pointed at it.

2020 ( November 05 )

a dream I had about a gay school teacher giving me his phone number

“866”, he said near the front, or was it the back, of the classroom, trying to be discreet. He’d just said aloud to the rest of the class that, despite another boy hearing him about to give me his phone number and the boy telling everybody else in the room to listen up because he was giving “us” his phone number, he didn’t want “everybody” having his number. He was just talking to me.

That made me feel special, though he’d already given me his number hours before, which I didn’t realize until he completed the last seven or ten; I don’t know if he included the area code or not; digits. “1117,” I think it was. “Oh, that’s the same number you gave me last night,” I responded, dropping the volume of those last two words as he repeated them with a nod of confirmation.

The teacher, a high school teacher I had and became friends with in real life; we talked on the phone for years after I graduated; was one of those gay, or at least bi, men you could tell just by the way they talk; the fake voice thing; and carry themselves. The “last night” bit wasn’t anything gay though, at least not for me. I simply meant that he’d given me his number in class the night before.

It seemed dark out when he gave it to me the second time. Perhaps it was a nightly class and he gave me it about 24 hours prior. It didn’t seem that long ago though. Maybe it was a long class, “last night” meant a few hours ago and it was now early morning. I don’t know, but, aside from any gay ulterior motive he may have had, the reason was because of a big class project we were doing.

I don’t know what it was about or whether or not we were split into groups as we probably would’ve been, but it seemed the whole class was involved. Earlier during that same period, I’d sat at a table with what seemed like Tamekia; a former co-worker of mine in real life; and at least two or three other girls who seemed to want me to sit beside them because they had a crush on me.

2020 ( October 06 )

audio review : U Got The Look ( song ) … Prince ( featuring Sheena Easton )

The concept here is a little confusing. The U in the title refers to “a pretty girl” Prince is “taken aback” by, but Sheena Easton sings the chorus and it’s hard to determine whether she’s supposed to be the girl or an artistic extension of Prince’s thoughts about the girl. The third verse, a repeat of the first, suggests the former, but who knows.

That hook is the best part of the song, especially the first four bars, though it’s the in-your-face drumbeat and sparse guitar riffs that keep it rocking. The setting seems to be some kind of dance club with “ugly lights”, but it’s the bed that will be rocking if heterosexual allure gets its way. “If your love is good,” one line goes, “let’s get to rammin”.

my rating : 4 of 5


The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams ( book ) … Stephen King

The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams ( book ) ... Stephen King

Stephen King, the top seller in the horror book Bazaar, remains an excellent writer in the technical sense. It’s his mundane imagination; a lot of his tales are simply boring; and corny sense of humor that might have you demanding a refund. Even the best short stories in this collection, Premium Harmony and The Little Green God of Agony, are merely decent.

my rating : 2 of 5


a dream I had about a woman named Rebecca

Parts of it were like a movie; one of those dramatic tearjerkers you see on Lifetime. Rebecca, a woman I used to work with in real life, had a decent job until she got fired for stealing. That was, as far as I could tell, the beginning of her downfall.

The good news was that her boyfriend; a man probably in his thirties named Sid; had a job, so he could take care of her. That is until he got fired what seemed like weeks later. The reason for his firing was where the real drama came into play.

Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend, the one before Sid, was still enraged over their breakup. She’d dumped him for Sid before she got fired. So he went to Sid’s job, which was also the place she got fired from; they used to work together; and caused a scene.

That scene wasn’t in the dream. Either Rebecca, who for some reason was constantly around me as if we still worked together, or someone we knew told me what happened. Her ex had a meltdown and tried to fight Sid right there at the job.

There was a lot of commotion, yelling and cursing, which ultimately resulted in Sid being fired. That meant there would be no one to help take care of Rebecca and her two or three kids, whom I don’t think was fathered by either guy.

She had her parents but didn’t want to burden them. I think that’s what she told me, but I suspect it had more to do with disappointing them. Still I overheard her on the phone, basically in tears, saying the kids would be staying with them.

She’d stay there also, off and on, when not staying with Sid. I don’t know why the kids wouldn’t follow, but it was probably because she didn’t want to burden them (kids) with having to go back and forth every week or two. They also had school.

Another reason could’ve been that she didn’t really trust Sid and didn’t want her kids around him that much. He was just a co-worker after all; one she’d recently started dated not long before dumping a guy she perhaps regretted leaving.

This is gossipy speculation, but it seems she’d been in a glum state ever since. Getting fired, losing her home; I didn’t mention that part; and Sid getting fired for a reason she was inadvertently responsible for would only add to her depression.

She mumbled something to me one day; I think the day she was sitting out on the window sill, looking down at what would’ve probably been a deadly drop; that sounded like, “I wanna kill myself.” I asked her to repeat it and that’s what she said.

I felt sorry for her. She seemed to make bad decisions in life when it came to money and relationships. She also smoked a lot of cigarettes; you could smell it; and may have done heavier drugs, but she seemed like a good-enough person.

She was also attractive; a slim-built Caucasian with sexy legs, a perky cleavage and a prettyish face. She, like the men she dated, seemed to be in her thirties, perhaps around 40, and was a bit rough around the edges but still attractive.

I’ve never been the type of guy to take care of a woman financially and I’m certainly not the type to help raise a woman’s kids, but I imagined being her next boyfriend and helping her out if only for the sex and cigarette-breath kisses.

What I told her was advice I try to follow in my own life. “When you come across major problems in life, you should think about how to solve them.” It’s simple and obvious enough but profound in its implications and she seemed to agree.

The dream ended in a weird way. I must’ve still been living in the house I grew-up in because I remember seeing a young black guy come out of the old Simpson’s building that isn’t there anymore. I asked him if there was anyone (else) in there.

I think he told me it was just him before asking Rebecca about Sid. I don’t remember the question and he didn’t mention Sid by name, but she did in response to his question. “Do you mean Sid,” she might’ve phrased it. I awoke soon after.

2020 ( August 06 )

a dream I had about driving my cars from a bus

I was on a bus, going south (southwest) on what seemed like the first street I lived on in Detroit, except it was longer. Instead of one intersecting Avenue before you had to turn left or right; or crash thru a fence, down a grassy slope and the wrong way onto a busy Freeway; there were at least two.

I know that because as the bus passed each intersection, seeming to slow down or stop as if there was a Stop sign at each one, I was able to look out of the window to my left and drive my own vehicle; I think it was two cars, but it could have been a car and a truck or some kind of SUV; via remote control.

I don’t know if it was an actual remote control like one used for an RC toy, my phone or what, but I was able to drive one of two vehicles I owned at each intersection. It seemed they were already rolling (northwest) and I was merely trying to park them to the side so that they wouldn’t block traffic.

My plan was to get off the bus soon, before it turned left or right at the end of the street, walk over and drive each vehicle home. What I don’t understand is why I didn’t just get off immediately. Perhaps I thought there could be more intersections with more vehicles, though it’s unlikely I’d own more than two.

I awoke just before or after getting off, contemplating how to drive two vehicles home. I was uncomfortable leaving them parked haphazardly as they were because I didn’t have time to park them properly. In hindsight, the most sensible choice would be to drive one home, walk back and drive the other one.

2020 ( July 20 )