a dream I had about my next-door neighbor and a bunch of dogs

I didn’t know it at the time, but it would’ve had to have been a dream because I’m not about to leave my front door wide open, especially on a warm day with insects flying around and neighbors walking by, in real life. Then again, the only reason I did it was because my next-door neighbor; the skinny white hippie girl I had a (sexual/romantic) crush on; was sitting in a chair just outside my door.

She was close enough to the left of it that I could see the right side of her body from inside my apartment. She was out there with her dogs, at least two. She either had them chained to her chair or was letting them run about and stopping them every time they tried to enter my apartment. I was going to tell her it’s fine to let them come in and out if they want, but I don’t think I ever got around to it.

Dogs did come in eventually, but not hers. It seemed her sitting out their with her dogs encouraged neighbor after neighbor to come out and walk by with theirs. Some of the dogs would run into my apartment, which I didn’t mind. I actually wanted the small ones to come in so I could greet and pet them, which I did before they ran right back out to get back to their outside fun as dogs do in real life.

This one guy; he seemed Asian; had a cat with him. I thought it was a dog when it first scurried toward me but realized it was a big fluffy cat when I reached down to show it some love. The weirdest part of the dream though is when a dog; it had a kid face but was furry and on all fours like a dog; actually talked to me. I’m not saying it barked. I mean it actually talked English like a human-being.

It asked “Can I have a cookie”, referring to some (Ritz-like) crackers I had on the floor, or “Can I have a cracker” and they were (sandwich) cookies. I don’t remember which, but he/she/it had it wrong. I told it that it had to ask its mother. I think it’s stupid how people refer to themselves as their pets parents, but it seemed more appropriate than “owner”. “Can I just have one,” it whined.

“You have to ask your mom”, I repeated with a grin of surprise as my cute neighbor and seemingly a few other people giggled along. It may have even asked a third time to which I would’ve just repeated myself again. It didn’t want to ask its owner, who was apparently far enough away not to hear our dialogue, perhaps because it figured it would be told no. I think that’s how the dream ended.

2021 ( February 04 )

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