a dream I had about watching a video of a girl being killed

I was watching a video of people being shot and killed. I don’t know whether it was a compilation of different shooters in different instances or clips of one shooter on a rampage, but the one killing that stands out in my mind; the only one I actually remember; is of a girl who might’ve been able to escape but chose not to.

This particular clip was of one shooter on a rampage. He was outside, surrounded by frantic people and stopped cars, in what could’ve been a city street or parking lot, shooting at seemingly anyone in sight. Most people were running for their lives, as expected, but this one girl got out of her car and walked right over to him.

It was a black girl, a young woman actually, probably in her 20s or early 30s. She was physically attractive too, at least in the fakeup (makeup) and wig or weave she was probably wearing. She certainly had a sexy body, though, these days, who knows if even that were real. She seemed to be dressed somewhat fancily.

I didn’t know the woman or anything about her other than what I could see in the video, but I imagined her beauty made her so arrogant that she actually thought the guy wouldn’t shoot her. That’s certainly what her body language suggested as she walked briskly toward him with an irritated expression on her face.

It was as if she was thinking, “Nigga, I ain’t about to let you hold up traffic and ruin my plans.” Perhaps she gained even more confidence in the split seconds it took for her to approach him without getting shot. He was still shooting at other people, in fact, seeming to ignore or purposely avoid shooting her.

The cameraman; either the bravest soul in the world or an accomplice of the shooter; stopped panning as she walked out of frame to where the shooter was standing. Neither said a word, but she must’ve tried to grab the gun out of his hand or something. He was shooting so much, you couldn’t tell what happened.

That is until the camera finally panned around, pass the shooter, to the girl now standing on the other side of him. I don’t remember seeing blood, but he’d obviously shot her. The scowl she had on her face was now a look of distress as she stumbled about and collapsed onto the hood of a car. That’s when the blood came.

I remember imagining what she was thinking at that moment. Her facial expression suggested instant regret. It was apparent she didn’t walk over to him because she wanted to die. I could see her struggling to live. It seemed she walked over to him to get the gun out of his hand and simply didn’t think he would shoot her.

Blood was coming from her nose and mouth. I think she’d been shot in the stomach area. She was lying on her back with her legs dangling off the front of the car. I remember her struggling to sit up and falling back down. That’s when the shooter walked over and shot her twice more; first in the pussy then in the heart.

2021 [ November 01 ]

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