video : a theist talking about his belief in a God


Mark Woods :

I don’t believe in this human made god and the higher power is the universe and cosmos it self. And if there’s something I don’t understand it’s simply that, “I don’t understand”. I don’t use the god of the gaps to fill it in because you stop looking and wondering all together.

Phillip McNeely :

People who still continue to see no evidence for any Gods or God are people who haven’t learned how to build their faith. They are still new to the game. They might be over eighty years old. But even so, they are still newbies. Still new to the game. Some people pass away without ever beginning a personal campaign to build their faith. Many people, when they begin, they start at zero faith. And I approve of this starting point. That’s a good place to start.
EVIDENCE and PROOF are related terms. These two terms can sometimes be used interchangeably in certain contexts. But each of these two terms has its own distinct meaning that makes it unsuitable for some contexts, but fitting for others.

★ Refers to facts, information, or data that help to support a claim or a proposition.

★ Can be used to suggest that something is true, or is likely to be true, or might be true, or might be plausible, or might be possible.

★ Often used in legal, scientific, and investigative contexts to build a case or argument. Evidence can be said to “accumulate” over time as various pieces of evidence are discovered or reported.

★ Implies a higher standard of verification than evidence.

★ Represents evidence that is so conclusive that it demonstrates a claim beyond doubt or beyond an established standard of proof.

★ Typically associated with establishing truth or validity in a more definitive manner, or a more authoritative manner, and/or perhaps in a more formal manner.

JonO387 :

I see no evidence for any gods. I see a lot of evidence for the necessity of religion.

Paul Yates :

God is good and the devil is evil

The kkk are all atheist

All serial killer’s are atheist

Anthony Dunlap :

1st Dammit

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