Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle or Eminem’s Slim Shady LP : Which album is better?

Doggystyle ( album ) ... Snoop Dogg audio review : The Slim Shady LP ( album ) ... Eminem

These are the debut albums of Dr Dre’s most successful (popular) protégés. Both are good. The Slim Shady LP is much better lyrically; Eminem’s unprecedented rap skills, in fact, make it the best I ever heard in that regard; while Doggystyle, with its P-funk-influenced (G-funk) soundscape, is better musically.

It’s not just the beats. Doggystyle, with guest singers like Nate Dogg and The Dramatics, is also better at the breaks. Shady’s hooks are inferior; especially Bonnie And Clyde, My Fault and Cum On Everybody. His verses though. Snoop is a decent rapper, better at style than substance, but Eminem wins that battle every time.

my vote : ?

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