audio review : IMAMCRU12 ( album ) … KRS-One

audio review : IMAMCRU12 ( album ) ... KRS-One

This album is best at The Beginning and end. The former has KRS-One rapping “straight thru”; something he should do more often because, like most MCs, his skills decline at the breaks. When he passes the mic to a guest vocalist with “the right hook”, as he does with wife G Simone on the latter; a melodic life lesson entitled Think Bigger; “the song becomes a knockout”.

The ones in-between are mostly mediocre. At 50-something, Kris still spits better (raps) than most of his students, but Can You Dance; a tribute to old-school hip-hop dances like the wop; sounds like an unfinished demo. The worst thing about the album though is the title. IMAMCRU1? Get it? No? Well, there’s a whole song to explain it. Not that it’ll make it any less lame.

my rating : 3 of 5


a DJ Klay Slay rap collaboration : Rolling 110 Deep


audio review : Breath Control 2 ( song ) … KRS-One

This beat, perhaps the best KRS-One’s ever rapped to, should’ve been put aside for a different artist. It’s a marvelous reggae loop that would’ve been perfect for, say, a Jamal-Ski song for Jamaican girls to shake their butts to. KRS-One is too obsessed with his skills as an MC to allow such mindless fun.

To be clear, it is a good song. Not just for the beat but also KRS-One’s vocal delivery and flow, which goes nicely with it. It’s the concept; a very unnecessary sequel to Breath Control; it would be better without. Even worse is how he dates it by mentioning the year during the “dope style” introduction.

my rating : 4 of 5


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