audio review : Talk Back ( song ) … Gorilla Zoe ( featuring Roxy Reynolds )

The spotlight is on Roxy Reynolds. You knew she fucked and sucked, but you probably didn’t know she rapped. Her lyrics are far from impressive; she’s as simple-minded as Gorilla Zoe when it comes to composing bars; but the meretricious content of her verse, presented in that sexy voice, makes-up for what she lacks in artistic creativity.

“Put your tongue on that bubble gum,” she commands, referring to her pink pussy, which I imagine is sweet and yummy. “You love my lady lumps?” My answer would be yes, but not as much as her pussy. That’s what the song is about. “I’ll make that pussy talk back,” the chorus goes. And it makes sense because her pussy has lips. I’ve seen them.

my rating = 3 of 5


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