video : a Hindu explaining why God doesn’t prove himself to everybody


Rob Berezowski :

This dude has an answer for everything. I don’t feel sad for him, but feel sad for anyone who has to interact with him. Jeez, just shut up already. Classic “Dunning – Kruger” effect in action here.

Doobly :

How delusional!! he knows nothing of what he claims and most importantly, he can’t prove a thing!!

penman08 :

Wow. So delusional. He knows damn well his god has never appeared in his lifetime or any time for that matter.

Yes, him just appearing is very rare. So rare, as to have never happened. Ever. Not once. Let him appear. Now. We’re waiting. Nothing.

walter shumer :

But vegetarian food is one of the most harmful foods produced, in that it requires The killing of every life-form bacterial insect animal and bird to produce….. What of this?

A3Kr0n :

He sounds like an evangelical Christian.

Louis Tournas :

1. If you do bad things, you get a bad result.
Well, if we need to eat a cow, you get a lot of proteins, various minerals. That’s a good result. Apes are omnivores. It is said that eating meat gave our ancestors the resources to develop a larger brain.

2. God doesn’t want to show himself to give us free will.
Free will for what? How does showing up interfere with my free will?

3. God has come many times.
I think what we have received is talented people. Some are good at creating music, like Mozart. Some are great at telling stories and motivating people like Jesus.
I don’t think any of them are gods or come from gods.

4. God is doing what is best for us.
5 million kids under the age of 5 just die from disease simply bc they don’t have access to clean water.
And, I am only giving one example of the nastiness of this world.

5. The rest of it is the usual nonsense, no evidence, usual just-so story.
Just-so story has a specific meaning. Look it up on wikipedia.

I have a simple question. What would the world be like if there was no god or gods?
Let’s say that it is a natural world, we exist, the Earth and everything exist except for this god character.

Iz mark :

Allowed to believe…bahaha oh my.
All your feelings proves your…godly…trust your feelings. = Just like alcoholism, religion is a Feelings disease.
Sifi is less fi.

DREY4400 :

When they over talk and cut you off they don’t want to hear because it would be too logical for them to handle…

Gregory Campbell :

More than likely that his God doesn’t exist and he’s just deluded himself into believing it’s true.

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