Donald Trump or Joe Biden : Who’s the better president?

Donald Trump or Joe Biden : Who's the better president? Donald Trump or Joe Biden : Who's the better president?

There’s nothing to ponder here. I don’t know much about most presidents and don’t trust so-called recorded history enough to want to learn about them, but this is probably the best president in my lifetime against the worst. It’s more of the latter than the former. I agree with most of Donald Trump’s policies because they’re basically what I regard as common sense. I disagree with most of Joe Biden’s because they’re basically the opposite.

Blatant discrimination under the guise of diversity; they actually have the nerve to call Trump a racist; allowing illegal aliens to invade the border, ignoring biological reality to promote the delusion of transgenderism and ruining the economy seemingly on purpose are all things I’m strongly against. Not that Biden is solely to blame. It’s his handlers; he’s obviously more of a figurehead than an actual leader; who are the true culprits.

Trump isn’t superb, but he is, as president, exceptional in being a breath of fresh air in a world gone partly insane. That “partly” is the problem as both he and Biden are a result of the great divide and conquer; the cultlike republican versus democrat war Americans are stupid enough to partake in. It’s just that; aside from the God bit, which is even more of a delusion than transgenderism; the so-called right is making a lot more sense right now.

Neither speak as eloquently or come across as presidential as Obama; Trump can be petty when attacking his perceived enemies and Biden seems to be in the early stages of dementia; but we need more outsiders and less career politicians in office. I suspect Trump’s anti-establishment (“swamp”) rhetoric is the main reason the establishment-controlled (“fake”) news media has been on the attack since the day he announced his run.

That constant bias from armchair activists representing themselves as objective journalists and reporters; Trump is their arch nemesis, but they treated Michael Jackson similarly; is the main reason I honestly wouldn’t watch CNN or MSNBC for the weather. A lot of gullible people do. Many of them hate Trump. Others watch Fox, which is also biased, and love him. I’m more or less neutral to him as a person, but I certainly like him as a president.

my vote : Donald Trump

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