video : a Christian talking about her belief in God


Nathaniel Yates :

God and the devil are real

ja’dub :

Shiiiiiitttttttttt…. LOL!! 10yr old mind set

69Camaro :

Oh boy…

Black atheist millionaire :

Pure ignorance.ūüė£

Teal X :

Everyone, is not alive! Has she ever heard of still birth? Miscarriages?

Natural disasters have happened since the beginning of recorded time! Not because evilness on the earth!

Namestay :

her proof of “god” is “we’re alive”… thinking brain function stopped right there

“scientifically why are we deceased”. “i opened my eyes”. she is so on the script of her childhood brainwashing.

“god is not pleased thats why we have hurricanes and tornados”. What the actual fuck!! its unbelievable how brain dead she. if you would have interviewed her 2000 years ago, guess what she would have said waaayyyyy back then.. “”god is not pleased thats why we have hurricanes and tornados””. come on lady! this is beyond sad. we MUST stop teaching out children this nonsense because they grow up to say STUPID shit like this!!”


Life is only proof of life, not how we got here.

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