video : a homeless Christian talking about his belief in God


Hagrid the bearded redneck hippie :

These comments are disgusting. This man is not brainwashed. There is a God and I too have experienced him. And no I’m not religious either. This man is grateful to walk with the lord.

wjfjr73 :

It’s the dumbest homeless person I ever met as God doesn’t give a fuck about him… brainwash from years of religion

Black atheist millionaire :

His brain has been thoroughly washed by years of religion.馃槵

no more :

That麓s really sad – he talks about this fucking bible god of crazy evangelical christians and talks like he is on any kind of drug – whats wrong with those people?

Namestay :

homeless and brainwashed. this is beyond sad

Brad Chervel :

Donations from PEOPLE

Teal X :

Only, in the mind!!!!

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  1. I am writing this response while in tears. I am not crying because of the man who is homeless. I am crying because of the comments made by others. God help us.

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