video : an atheist talking about not believing in a God


A3Kr0n :

Marcel takes the correct position.

Mike Hunntt :

Obviously the religtards made the story up around not having any proof it’s sick that with all our intelligence I’m the only person to be able to see that

Mike Hunntt :

She is obviously still brainwashed by religion she still believes in life after death like typicall millennials

konsul2006 :

The world needs to see more of the viewpoints of atheists. We are not an “evil” in the world. I’d be more humble to definitively say that we can’t know if there is a God or not, but in the end it all comes down to beliefs. I really enjoyed the short interview with one of my like minded people 馃 Would be nice if she didn’t have the sunglasses on though 馃尀

Mark Woods :

I agree with her because there’s no absolute certainty. I don’t believe in any gods what so ever! But I can’t prove they don’t exist and you can’t prove they do.

naryah22 :

Marcel, keep it simple and don’t try to confuse the unexplainable. To this day is has not been proven and I believe it will never be proven . BTW, I also believe there is NO SUCH THING AS WHAT HUMAN CALL God. But, there such thing as TIME.


I like this lady, she’s honest. You can tell she is older. She has been around long enough to know.

Teal X :

For me, what the Bible writer鈥檚 claims for this God, has not been demonstrated by this God! And, why not??? My non belief is warranted! Point blank!

Daniel Kazmer :

Marcel, see fallibilism

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