video : a Catholic talking about her belief in God


J.M .B :

This is completely delusional and out of reason.

thesilentbed Ghosts :

catholic 馃コ馃コ馃コ馃コ馃コ馃コ馃コ馃コ馃コ馃コ
the one and only true religion

Doobly :

“I’m catholic” THATS SAYS IT ALL! one of the worst religions. a criminal organization. if she believes in the loving “gawd”, she is not listening in church or reading the book of horrors (aka, the bible). and she goes to the default “gawd” of the gaps argument. it MUST be because there is no other explanation. SOOOOO BRAINWASHED but I would expect nothing less. FIRST she says there is “evidence” that’s she’s read of from “others”….”I’m not fully educated to list them”. DUH she is fully brainwashed, however. then she goes to the “faith” argument, which means exactly opposite of what she said about having evidence!! faith means believing in something with no good evidence. so right there, like so many, she has cooked her goose. “relies on faith INSTEAD of proof or science”!! SHE SAID IT RIGHT THERE!! there is NOTHING one cannot believe in on “faith”…THAT IS A PROBLEM, and that is why actual evidence is critical. It is beyond disheartening and disappointing that yet another young person has been so indoctrinated into this sick and twisted religious ideology. What a waste of a perfectly good mind that has no gone to mush. “as opposed to specific facts” YES SHE SAID THAT TOO! facts are the utmost importance. Facts don’t care about your beliefs. Facts are how we get to the truth of something and you don’t get to just make it up! “its too much pressure to try and prove every single thing”. this is just SADDDD. the correct answer for things you don’t know is ‘I don’t know”. simple!

Tim C :

“Non sequitur, her facts are uncoordinated.”

A3Kr0n :

At 00:37 she said she believes in a God-like God. I can’t argue with that statement.

memeandmyself :

She’s Catholic but she believes in a loving god??? What a contradiction! Just one point of several, but that stood out to me. If this loving god exists, it would throw me into hell once I’m dead. Not to mention the many horror stories about it in the Bible and the horror the Catholic Church brought to the world. Luckily there is no chance this god exists. The church does though, which is bad enough. What a lovely young lady. I hope she will start actually investigate and try do disprove what she believes to find out how good or bad her faith is justified.

Mikey Trn :

She Catholic but wait she should ask herself is God Catholic because you can’t be what God is not

Robert Ferreiro :

Bless you…..Please do not stand back for the questions…Believe…

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