video : a Christian talking about the evidence of God



Omg she is so brainwashed. Child indoctrination is child abuse. Total bs speaking in tounges is a scam. Blah blah blah, I spoke in tounges. There is no irrefutable proof for the existence of any God or Gods. Science explains the rest of it. And what science can’t explain yet doesn’t mean God.

penman08 :

And why all the secret codes? If gawd is real, just show up and if he wants his people speaking for him, why not make it intelligible? Such utter nonsense!


Speaking in tongues is a “con” What is this language? Who understands it? What is it good for and what is the point? The lady is just regurgitating what she has heard, like the rest of the people in controlled religions.

PorkStuff :

God bless this beautiful young lady. She’s on the right path, I hope her church doesn’t knock her off. Marcel, you say you believe in logic but throughout all your videos you have yet to give an account for it.

Tim C :

Special pleading…

Doob Ly :

“blah blah blah blah, #$%%@!@@@, ugg oof iffl blibble” Look I just spoke in tongues!!! gawd must be real!! give me a break. she is so brainwashed. this could all be squashed real fast. her imaginary friend could just show up!!

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