video : a Christian explaining how Jesus “saves” believers from going to Hell



Bla bla bla faith bla bla bla things unseen bla bla bla empty phrases she memorized. It’s sad.

The first half of what she said could be said by any muslim and jew as well btw

A3Kr0n :

I made it to 3:16 before I snapped out of my Jesus trance and ran screaming from your channel.

Jennai Shirow :

you let her rant too much. this video was more like a sermon than a discussion.

Chic01taliano :

I feel like the lady did not answer what was asked and went on tangents.


No irrefutable proof, no belief.

R Williams :

One of the realest buybull verses in a collection of bull shiggedy is Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” This sister 馃懇馃従 is just so giddy and joyful in her delusion. The Black community will forever remain at the bottom of the totem pole as long as we hold on to these delusions.

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