Stevie Wonder or Prince : Who has better songs?

Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Prince have always been the top artists that come to mind when I think of (pop/soul) music icons. Determining who has the best songs between the three is for me a no-brainer. Michael Jackson is number one. He’s my favorite singer and songer. A vote between Stevie Wonder and Prince isn’t quite as easy.

Still it’s not hard. Both have some great songs, a lot of good songs, plenty of mediocre ones and barely any bad ones, but Stevie wins out. All songs considered, he simply has more great/good ones; mostly due to his Wonderful vocal melodies. The verses on I Just Called To Say I Love You, for example, rank among the best I’ve ever heard.

That his verses sometimes outshine his choruses; Queen In The Black is another example; when it should be the other way around puts Prince closer behind him than he otherwise would’ve been. Prince’s best songs are from the 1980s; Purple Rain being his obvious magnum opus. His more recent highlights include Sticky Like Glue and 1000 Xs And Os.

my vote : Stevie Wonder

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