video : a theist talking about her belief in a God


Nathaniel Yates :

God is good

Black atheist millionaire :

The ignorance in this one is strong…so sad. 馃様

James Mohler :

1:55 “Boom. We did not just appear here”. That is literally (not figuratively) what Christianity thinks happened.

The God of the Gaps is strong with her.

Mark Woods :

Who says that humans created trees or anything like that. So this doesn鈥檛 prove any gods what so ever. She just using faith!!

Namestay :

“a man can’t build a tree”. this one is DEEP in her indoctrination. how stupid she doesn’t know the basics of nature. “we will never in life be able to explore the universe”. WRONG, first how does she know that…she doesn’t. 2nd, they said the same thing waaayy back when about planets, human’s could never imagine they could actually explore, see, VISIT, TOUCH, another planet. The humans that invented the idea of “gawd” didn’t even know where the sun went at night. It is because of HUMANS and what WE have figured out that we live as comfortably as we do on a planet that tries and succeeds in making us sick and killing us. and that stupid tree argument; a tree that gives off pollen that makes us humans sick and miserable that WE had to figure out how to counteract with medicines. her argument im sure its “intelligent design”. but its STUPID design since we are combating the forces of nature, disease, bugs, viruses, bacteria, and on and on and on. AND she is wearing glasses that HUMANS made because her eyes are shit. some “design”. she says another ignorant stupid thing “we didn’t invent science”. DUH yes human DID invent the scientific process so we can find out what is actually testable and true, and science changes as the evidence changes. then went confronted on the question of how it all began, marcell says “obviously we don’t know”, and she repeats “obviously we don’t know” after just stating bullshit as facts! now that marcell presses her further, now she has “faith” which is the excuse people give when they dont’ have good evidence for what they are saying. and to marcells point the correct way to answer something we don’t know is “I DONT KNOW’. You dont’ get to insert the IDEA that a “gawd” did it because you don’t have the answer. great video marcell! You have more patience than I would with these people but I admire your approach and how calm you are in the face of such stupidity.

1weird Doe :

She’s adviser to Mr. Putin.

Teal X :

Not in a large part of Africa, where there is starvation!!!

A3Kr0n :

She’s OK with people having different ideas about the same god but if she was pressed I’m sure she would find some big differences. Not everyone can be right, and she seems like a “don’t ask, don’t tell” type of person.


Whatever name we wanna call it It’s most deff not A damn Him Or her.

pauldhoff :

So, tell me what is godlike about your god.

Tim C :


Anthony Dunlap :


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